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Wen-Hui Luo

I am Luo Wenhui, a consultant at UNESCO. Welcome to my site!

Wen-Hui Luo's Bio:

Wenhui Luo: male, Han nationality, born in 1994 in Shangrao, Nanchang province. For junior high school has a positive anti-corruption and repeated domestic violence and revenge, and perennial by tyranny and unreasonable teacher corporal punishment, the first half of 2014 were diagnosed as lifelong disability. At the same time, Yilin group, star list (Shanghai) culture media Co. Ltd. and other units invariably invited the "Edit", because the body and ambition reasons to give up the "Edit" work.

Screen name "little Lu Xun 001", China's State Council, Xinhua news agency and other relevant comrades have been published on Sina's micro-blog platform for micro-blog. Peking University students praise the "University of Washington students praise for both socialist-minded and professionally competent", "to say the truth Chinese", known as "China Montesquieu", "twenty-first Century Rousseau", "well known" (referred to as public intellectuals), Shencanzhijian, innocent and sincere. "Life in order to save the common people, Kuangfu justice" as its mission, to seriously punish evil, the pen.

Second generations of soldier, third generations of officials, the posterity of  "vulcan eight surname" , " adopted grandson " of Comrade Jinping Xithe student of Ru-wei Tan and Ye Bai the group advocate of Wenhui Luo's official group(QQ group). Representative of the rule of law practice, new literary realism, style name is Shu Zhong. Chinese contemporary great writer, thinker, educator and youth research experts, scientists, scholars and citizens, democracy, supervision of social justice, volunteer network opinion leaders, learning series general secretary Xi Jinping important speech spirit of the 2014 national cadre training seminar participants. signing writers, Guangming two photographer, China Xiao Jun Institute of Chinese Red poetry Promotion Association, the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) consultant (job number: 0009Z), the Committee on education and promoting the World Conservation Union (INCU-CEC) members, the International Fund for animal welfare (IFAW International) Network Specialist Committee (ICBS), a member of the expert group, the United Nations (UN) member. Was the Chinese Association of children's newspaper workers writers branch member, the ninth's Cup National Middle School Students in the new composition contest judges evaluation. Now CCTV Chinese correspondent, Peking University, "we" members of the literary society, Peking University and a member of student poverty Association Chinese Folk Photography Association, Hubei Province, Hebei Province, member of the Institute of essays prose Association, China Federation of industry, member of the Chinese Educational Reform Club, Chinese poetry society, the Chinese Environmental Protection Association member of China Volunteers Association member, Chinese poetry society, China Drama Literature Association, China Report Literature Association, China Social Art Association, China Copyright Association, Chinese logic society, society, ethics Chinese Chinese life care association, China Youth Research Association, Chinese Oriental Culture Research Association member, Chinese Education Association, Chinese News Photography Society Chinese, Portrait Photography Association, China Electronic Institute, Chinese City Science Research Council member, Innovation Research Association, National Press Club (NPC), a member of the Association for computing machinery (ACM), a member of the British Association for the United Nations (UNA-UK) member, member of the Chinese Writers Association International PEN (IPEN) the pen American Center, member of the International Intellectual Property Protection Association (AIPPI), a member of the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE), a member of the international media and Communication Research Institute (IAMCR), a member of the International Council of Archives (ICA), a member of the international Internet Association (ISOC), a member of the International Sociological Association (ISA), a member of international politics (IPSA), a member of the international society of Animal Association (ISZS) members, Chinese minor net & Baidu ---2012 micro novel a hula story. Award collection contest judges.

Take "the mission of the Times Literary save mankind", a literary creation should be on the basis of seeking truth from facts express nature, objective material and emotion skillfully combines real life and true feeling, reproduction. In the "reader" "communication" "Youth" composition "counselor" film review "" culture "" pure "monthly" "Chinese Herald", "China school report" and other publications published literary works and papers, photographs and more than 60 articles (first, amplitude, Zhang), for "2011 Jiangxi the writer new vitality 30 works exhibition" (Xinjiang Federation of "the west", "supplement) never withered flowers - West Lake supplement", "heart of Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving letter national campus competition awards" (Chinese Press), "the third Lu Xun prize of outstanding works, high volume" (Wenhui Press), "Chinese young writer Cup winners selected" (Lijiang Publishing House), "star poet archives 2014 volume" (Sichuan National Press) and many other anthologies, the representative of time " Tears ", and" my home dog "has been Beaming with Joy Xi'an Shengxiang Books Culture Communication Co. Ltd to cheat.

Wenhui Luo, a primary school, a wide range of interests, not only in literature, art, and the growing efforts to accumulate, the music is still among the best in the final exams.

More than 80 times won the gold medal, the first prize and other awards. Chinese Xiao Jun research units will be evaluated as "the first Chinese New Poetry Mao Zedong red cup award", Chinese poetry society, Chinese prose society, the National Youth's Literature Competition Organizing Committee awarded the "Chinese writers" title, Chinese Committee and other units awarded the "Literary Award", China contemporary literature research campus literature the committee, Chinese Institute of education of middle school Chinese teaching Specialized Committee named "National Campus Literature Research Award", "meaning" magazine awarded the "meaning" (Youth Version) writers "title; China waiwenju" reader "2010 annual national 79 outstanding young writer reporter list, the Chinese language for network selection blog star".

"Wenhui Luo intensive and meticulous farming", the heart of compatriots, expectations of enlightening and support old orphans career to contribute, then to the National Library, Jiangxi library, Jiangxi Province youth Chinese Province Development Foundation donated more than 80 copies of journals of library. The first class of the 2012 class of the young writers' class of China (Peking University). Living in the earth.

My weibo:; my pinterest:; my VK:; my blog:; my website:; my e-mail:; my QQ:1390837890; my mobile phone number: +86-15946842976; my micro signal: xiaoluxun001; first of my address: Zhongnanhai xinhuamen a building No. 1 door 6 room 106, No. 174 West Chang'an Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing City, China, post encoding: 100017, recipient:Jinping Xi referred to Wenhui Luo, Tel: +86-10-65252000; second of my address: Central University of Finance and, director of the office of the Department of Journalism and media culture Economics, encoding College Road No. 39, Haidian District, Beijing City, China, zip: 100081, recipient:Yunming Tan referred to Wenhui Luo, Tel: +86-13811115112; third of my address: Daihu Road No. 2,Shinshu Zone, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, China, post encoding: 334000, recipient:Wenhui Luo, phone: +86-15946842976.

Wen-Hui Luo's Experience:

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Wen-Hui Luo's Interests & Activities:

I like the freedom to create literary and artistic works, and actively participate in academic and political activities. However, I also have the bottom line: abide by all rules, such as legal, moral standards. I insisted on justice, but against evil! I have always believed in the "talented people not sticking to formalities, everyone should play the role of the special", "no one has the right to deprive others of the correct power."Now, I am not only a UNESCO cultural consultant, but also an influential network V. I actively promoted the content of justice on the Internet, and I call it "positive energy"". In Chinese, there are a lot of people will be "positive energy" falsely interpreted as "curry favour", "voluntary become minions and fool" has a negative meaning characteristics. In other words, there are a lot of people to "positive energy" misinterpreted as "negative energy"". Because these people have a lot of power, there is no one who dares to question their views. If someone questioned their point of view, they would kill the man and see that person as an enemy.

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